There’s a Lady in my Lake!

Often when I look at work by other photographers, I get so inspired by where they seem to be shooting. I make the same mistake that most viewers of their work do, thinking that there are 'perfect' locations for themed fashion shoots.The truth often is much less glamorous than magazine spreads would have us believe.... Continue Reading →

How to survive wedding photography

The silly season seems to be grinding to a halt, and now I finally have the opportunity to get back to my blog. As promised, today's post will be about the insanity that is wedding photography.As with family shoots, one either loves wedding photography, or go to severe lengths to avoid it. I love the... Continue Reading →

Fun family photography

We may have survived the wedding season, but chaos is still ruling here at Salome Hoogendijk Photography. Luckily, that is when magic happens!Since my last blog, I've done several family shoots and have decided to dedicate this blog to my experiences and tips regarding a very challenging, but also uniquely rewarding type of photography Most... Continue Reading →

Fashionable ballerina

When you are as lucky as I am to work with a model who is not only beautiful, but also happens to be a ballerina, it really is only a matter of time before the two worlds will collide.Although I do a lot of stock photography work, I firmly believe that as a professional photographer,... Continue Reading →

Fashion, champagne and lashes

My talented team and I ended 2012 with the biggest party disguised as a shoot ever. Champagne flowed, lashes flew and we even had bubbles!Ciska Barnard Couture provided the stunning evening dresses for the event, while Maureen Grobler handled the makeup as excellent as ever. The idea was to take the clothes, not plan too... Continue Reading →

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