Fashion, champagne and lashes

My talented team and I ended 2012 with the biggest party disguised as a shoot ever. Champagne flowed, lashes flew and we even had bubbles!

Ciska Barnard Couture provided the stunning evening dresses for the event, while Maureen Grobler handled the makeup as excellent as ever. The idea was to take the clothes, not plan too much and just wing it as we go along. WHAT a shoot it ended up being.

The day got started with the sexy Nicolette Pieters (who just appeared as the FHM girlfriend in the February 2013 issue – go buy it!!) We decided to put her in an elegant, but very sensual, purple and black gown. Once her makeup was done, we felt she had an almost Spanish dancer look to her, and her hair was styled as such.


I even made her dance!

At this point, one of my favourite models joined the party, not as a model, but just as a friend – Moya Fourie. She later ended up modelling anyway, so I imagine the lessen to be learned here is that anyone is welcome, but you’ll definitely end up doing something!


My son, Paul, may be the luckiest man alive to grow up amongst adoring models. I am worried, though, because he may start thinking that beautiful women are supposed to dote on him and kiss him all the time!

ImageThe lovely Lizelle Pretorius was up next, and she has such a porcelain doll like look to her, that we decided to do  full fantasy makeup with her. We used two different sets of lashes on her and instructed her to use her body as a puppet would. Luckily she understood what in the world I meant by that!


At some stage during the shoot with Lizelle, I got short handed, as my dependable mom, who doubles as a photographic assistant and general dog’s body, was on baby sitting duty. Fortunately, Nicolette and Moya are so much more than their extremely pretty faces, and they handled the fan and reflector (Moya’s name incidentaly means “wind” – I think it was prophetic:), and blew bubbles until they were ready to pass out.


Next came Maryke Sephton, who has THE most striking eyes I’ve seen in ages. Maureen hand picked her for the shoot on the basis of those green beauties.


Although Maryke is inexperienced as a model, she wowed us all with what she could do in front of the camera!




After acting as an assistant and co-babystiter, Moya was as fresh faced and beautiful as ever for her makeup to be done.



After so much creative energy flew around the space, we had to call it a day. We were all exhausted, but satisfied with making magic.



Of course, not everyone has the stamina yet for all this excitement!

A load of shoots and events are around the corner, including another collaboration between Ciska, Maureen and myself, not to mention wedding season which is around the corner. Don’t miss the updates on these exciting times. Some more in-depth photographic discussions will be included in the blogs to follow.

Hope 2013 treats everyone well. May we have a good one!


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